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NOVATION is an international telecommunication systems vendor operating in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Latin America, the Middle East & North Africa, having extensive know-how and a proven track record from 2002 in the telecommunication market. Pioneering from Radio Solutions, we have come a long way to operate in other businesses through our different entities in industries like Carrier Billing, Mobile Payment, Premium Texts, eWallets and Banking system Payments.


Equipment Identity Register (EIR)

Gateway Mobile Switching Centre

Home Location Register (HLR)

STP (Signaling Transfer Point)

Evolved Packet Core (EPC)



Boarder Roaming Gateway

Gateway Location Register (GLR)

Multi IMSI Roaming Gateway

Roaming Optimisation Suite

Voice Quality Control for Roamer

Signaling Firewall

Intelligent Network for VAS

Call Back

Call Completion Suite


Camel Gateway/Proxy

Location based services platform

Content Delivery Platform

AAA & Policy Control

Bill Shock Prevention

Diameter Mediation (DRA)

DPI Platform

OCS Platform for MVNO/MVNE

Policy Controller (PCRF

Real-time Data Charging

NGN & IMS Equipment

Trunk VoIP Gateway

Softswitch class 4

High-capacity Access Gateway

Signaling Converters

Session Border Controller

IMS Core


BULK SMS & MMS Platform

Cell Broadcast Center

SMPP Proxy/Router

SMS Firewall

SMS Center

USSD Server


NOVATION develops and provides innovative software and hardware solutions for telecommunication industry. Specialized in creating solutions that take full advantage of the most advanced technologies available, designed in-house with strict quality control (ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004), rigorous testing for stability and reliability and, of course, maximum compatibility with all our existing product range.


When designing and developing solutions, we look at ‘the bigger picture‘ – making all our systems compatible with each other as well as with third-party equipment plus maximizing flexibility and scalability. You get a solution that can be tailored to fit your business at a price you can afford.

When your business grows as a result, adding extra capacity to your existing installation is no problem.


NOVATION product line covers all needs of mobile operators: core solutions (like HLR/HSS, GGSN, GMSC), roaming management, IN & VAS, messaging and so on.

Our products are highly customizable and can be altered according to any requirements. NOVATION service platforms will help Operators to keep subscribers’ loyalty, increase revenues and reinforce a position on a highly competitive market.

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